Dave’s Heart Monitor - Dank Franks x Viberaider

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Ladies and gentleman, it brings us great pleasure to present to you our biggest project yet: Dave’s Heart Monitor!

This beautiful design was created by artist, Dank Franks, and inspired by Dave’s open heart surgery back in 2013. Tipper has been one of the biggest and most powerful influences in the lives of each individual involved in the production of this piece. We will be releasing a special video detailing the full story behind  the birth of this design very soon! STAY TUNED! 🙏🏼🖤


We are planning to donate a portion of proceeds to help those suffering from similar medical conditions as Dave. Ideally we would like the donation to go to the charity of Tipper’s choice, if anyone has any insight on this or can help direct this information to us, we would be forever grateful.


LE/66 - Pulse (white metal)

LE/55 - Cardium (pastel)

LE/44 - Aorta (black metal)

LE/33 - Love (rainbow)

LE/22 - Vena Cava (gold metal)

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